Thursday, 6 February 2014

Finding our feet

Its mid day on a Wednesday, the kids are upstairs. Z doing Swedish and K doing English, I'm in the dining room with the radio on watching Mia (Raccoon) in her enclosure with 2 puppies running round my feet...........Life is good!

Since HE started things have been pretty stressful but that is slowly getting better.
Need to cook some freezer meals today; when we started to HE we also decided to change our life style I started making my own cleaner, (this stuff is amazing ) we started organising the house and began to 'downshift' our lives a little.

Speaking of cooking the girls did some home made Pizzas the other day, made their own dough and everything - they were amazing. Think I may have to add a recipe section to the blog for all their creations!
K's on the left Z's on the right.

They also both started art projects, we are going to start looking at 3D for Z is seems to be something she enjoys.

K newspaper collage

Z 3D Hand

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Amber said...

I saw the dragon pic on one of the Home ED groups- still cant get over how amazing it is