About Us

A little bit about us

Our family is made up of 5 of us

Me ( L ) -  Well its my blog where else did you want to start, 
Mum of 2, Wife of 1, business runner and keeper of  many - I love cooking, frugling and ill try anything once, twice if its nice!

Husband ( P ) Dad of 3, Husband of 1 business do'er Long suffering putter upper - Loves fishing, animals and generally saying yes to his wife.....(sshh) 

DD1 ( K ) 14, Daughter to 2 Sister to 2 should really have been born with air for brains as she has ZERO common sense, talented artist, cook and lover of all things mini 

DD2 ( Z ) 11 Daughter to 2 Sister to 2 should have been born a boy as she has a love for all things weird and gross, Animal lover/tamer, learning to cook and trying to find other things she loves. 

DD3 (A
) 7 - Daughter, Sister, finding her feet in the world, loves nothing more than chatting my ear off and food! (see the common ground here) 

Animals - Dogs, Cats, Raccoon, Snakes, Lizards, Fish and so many more! 

Im sure you will see others mentioned here and as we mention them you will be able to come here to see our bios.